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  • Is your pottery food safe?
    YES! All pottery is food safe. I only use American-made clays and glazes that are guaranteed to be lead-free and food safe.
  • Is your pottery microwave safe?
    YES! My high-fire pottery is matured fully and can be microwaved.
  • Is your pottery dishwasher safe?
    YES! All pottery is dishwasher safe but hand washing is always recommended.
  • Can I put your pottery in the oven?
    While stoneware pottery can tolerate both cold and hot temperatures, it can break if subjected to them too quickly and use in the oven is not recommended.
  • Do you take custom orders?
    I do not. Unfortunately, there aren't enough hours in the day to accommodate these requests and maintain my shop. And this allows me to focus on my current designs, come up with new designs and keep the creative juices flowing!
  • How do I care for my pottery?
    To care for your pottery, avoid scratching your stoneware pottery with hard bristled brushes or scraping food off with sharp objects. Stoneware pottery is strong and durable but should still be treated with care to maintain each pieces longevity.
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